Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?


GemEx Live Report
GemEx Live Report
GemEx Live Report


GemEx Is The Global Leader In Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle Certification

What makes one diamond more beautiful than another is the way it reflects and refracts light, better known as the diamond’s light performance. Brilliance (white Light), Fire (Color Light) and Scintillation (sparkle) are the three categories of a diamond’s light return. 

Certified Diamond Beauty

GemEx scientifically measures the play of light in a diamond to determine its light performance and beauty.


GemEx ION personalizes your diamonds with a unique image or message.  ION ensures you will know your diamond wherever it goes.    


Bright Ideas for Beautiful Diamonds

What makes diamonds beautiful is the way the diamond plays with light or its Light Performance.  The way a diamond reflects and refracts light determines its Beauty. 

GemEx is dedicated to delivering scientific and technological solutions to enhance the appreciation of the beauty and craftsmanship of diamonds and gemstones worldwide.


Randall Wagner - CEO / President / Co-Founder

Mr. Wagner is responsible for devising and executing GemEx’s Corporate Strategy. He brings many years of engineering and senior management experience to GemEx. Prior to GemEx, Mr. Wagner served as President of LambdaSpec Instruments, where he was responsible for the design, improvement and vision for the basic GemEx technology.

Before LambdaSpec, Randall spent 5 years developing weather satellite receiving systems for the US Navy. The system he developed is being used aboard navy ships to obtain and analyze weather satellite images. Randall then spent 8 years developing computer interpretive electrocardiographs (EKG) and EEG's.  He held senior management positions with RF Technologies (patient tracking devices) and Mortara Instrument. During his tenure at Mortara, a medical device manufacturer, the company grew from 10 employees to over 100 and $20 million in sales.
BSEE Marquette, MSEE Purdue

Kurt Schoeckert - Vice President / Co-Founder

Mr. Schoeckert is responsible for design engineering and the production staff overseeing the assembly and maintenance of the instruments in the field as well as processing all incoming data files from customers. He has over 18 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the medical instrumentation industry. He has moved through management roles of increasing responsibility in areas of engineering, manufacturing and technical support. Mr. Schoeckert also brings general management experience having been a member of the executive management committee at Mortara Instruments. 
BSME Milwaukee School of Engineering