Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?

Light Performance Certificate

The Global Leader in Diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle Certification

Think about the last time you noticed a beautiful diamond...

We have all been to parties, restaurants, pubs or other evening gatherings where one or two diamonds stand out.  Yet there are probably hundreds of diamonds in the room and they all looked good at the jewelry store.  What is it about those diamonds that get noticed and grab your attention?  Those diamonds have superior brilliance, fire and sparkle.  

When shopping for a diamond, we should focus on buying a beautiful diamond.  What gives a diamond superior brilliance, fire and sparkle is not the rarity of the diamond.  It is the way the diamond plays with light.  

The beauty of a diamond should be the most important factor when choosing a diamond.  

GemEx is the global leader in diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle certification.  GemEx does not sell diamonds; GemEx helps you choose a beautiful diamond with the scientifically proven Light Performance┬« Certificate.  When you use GemEx, you know you are buying and wearing a beautiful diamond with superior brilliance, fire and sparkle.  You will have a beautiful diamond that will get noticed and stand out in the crowd.  

Jewelers with GemEx Certification