Where can I buy GemEx certified diamonds?


Light Performance Certificate

Certified Diamond Beauty

Think about the last time you noticed a beautiful diamond...

We have all been to restaurants or parties where there are one or two diamonds that stand out.  Yet there are probably hundreds in the room and they all looked good at the jewelry store.  What is it about those diamonds that get noticed and grab your attention?  Those diamonds have superior brilliance, fire and sparkle.  

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GemEx Live Report
GemEx Live Report
GemEx Live Report

GemEx Live Report

View Interactive Diamond Images Online

On GemEx Live Report, you can view the live and interactive version of your diamonds' GemEx Certificate.  

View your diamond in motion and see its brilliance, fire and sparkle.  

Share your diamonds Light Performance Certificate with your family and friends.  

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The GemEx Diamond Viewer

See and compare diamond beauty

What makes one diamond beautiful and another one dull is the way it  reflects and refracts light. With the BrillianceScope Viewer, you will see each diamond's Brilliance(white Light), Fire (Color Light) and Scintilation (sparkle). 

You will quickly see the dramatic Light Performance differences between diamonds as you choose your beautiful diamond.    

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GemEx Apps

Choose your beautiful diamond

Use GemEx Apps to make the best diamond decision for you.  Ensure your diamond has exceptional Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle. Use your phone, iPad, Facebook and more to see diamond beauty.  

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